My Culture Mission

Heavens, you get up in mid-January and pop to work, and all of a sudden it’s February! How does this happen? I must keep a tighter rein on life. There’s a fair amount to come over the next week or so (including The Best Album of 2012, even though we’re firmly in the midst of 2013 now), but as my brain is still firmly lodged at the start of the year I thought it was high time for a list or two. I decided a while before January that one of my New Year’s Resolutions would be to improve my ‘cultural education’. I’m going to read more, watch more, learn more and generally become a more culturally rounded person, with any luck the sort of person who’s capable of winning a pub quiz every now and then. So what I’ve decided to do is to stick a couple of lists on here: The BBC’s Big Read Top 200 Best Loved Books, and IMDB’s 250 Highest Rated Movies (as of today). Obviously I won’t just limit myself to reading and watching the items on these lists, but I’ll link to them as I go with my thoughts and musings as usual and hopefully see if I can complete them (over the course of many a year).

The lists (with links to my reviews) can be found here:

The BBC Big Read Top 200 Best Loved Books

IMDB’s 250 Highest Rated Movies

I must admit, there’s a few on both lists that aren’t really my cup of tea, and a couple that I’m really not looking forward to, but I’ll give it a go. It’s a new year and a time for new adventures, after all. But I’ll also continue reviewing what I read/watch regardless of whether it’s on the list or not, as normal. Let the culture mission commence!


5 thoughts on “My Culture Mission

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