NaNoWriMo: The Final Curtain

Well this has certainly been a busy month! This is just a super quick update because this week/weekend’s been super jam-packed, and is set to get even busier. I have absolutely no idea what happened to week three, I genuinely think I might have lost a week of my life somewhere along the line. Suddenly it’s the end of November, and I seem to have skipped a big chunk in the middle!

Okay, so since the week one/two update I decided to restart my NaNo project (again). I still really like the previous idea, but I’d reached the point where I couldn’t really go any further without devoting quite a large chunk of time to research, which is time I couldn’t really afford. Plus I’d had this other idea niggling in the back of my mind for a while, and I was going to wait until after November to get started on it but it seemed to be the sort of thing that I thought would be fairly easy to bash out quickly, so I brought it in off the subs bench. And then after seven pages or so I decided to restart that one in a different style (I really am quite indecisive). And then I gave it a rest after the second weekend or so, and never really got it going again.

The basic result of all this chopping and changing is that I’ve written around 10,000 words overall, spread across a variety of projects. Obviously this is quite far from my 30,000 word target, let alone the 50,000 milestone, and means that I am once again a NaNoWriMo failure. HOWEVER (and this is an important however, hence the caps lock), this has still been my most creative month ever, by far. Just because I haven’t been writing much in the way of NaNo, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing. In fact I’ve written more than I’ve ever written before, in different forms that I’ve never attempted. This month I’ve had to knock out scripts, poems, short stories and non-fiction writing for my course, and I do feel like it’s been very productive. And there’s way more to be written and revised before next week’s deadline, so the output continues. NaNoWriMo may have fallen by the wayside, but my portfolio’s filling up and this month has definitely got me writing, which surely is the main idea in the first place so I’m pretty happy with that. Plus I am planning to continue with all the NaNo plots and projects, although at a more manageable and less stressful pace.

Now that November’s pretty much done and dusted, normal service will resume once next week is out of the way and everything’s calmed down a bit. There are book, film and album reviews on the way, and of course the Writers’ Workshop that I promised all those weeks ago. But until then, there’s many a piece of coursework to be completed, so I really must dash. Hats off to anyone who’s managed to reach their 50,000 word target (or whatever targets they may have set themselves), and if you didn’t make it, it doesn’t matter! As long as you’ve given those creative juices a good squeezing and at least written something, I think you should be pretty damn pleased with yourself. And if you’re not pleased, well there’s always next year!

See also NaNoWriMo: Week One Update


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