New Year Spruce

Happy New Year! The festive season is finally drawing to a close, and it’s about time I got things a bit more organised around here. Just a couple of things for the moment:

1) I have a new sister blog, The Steel Kitchen! Whereas The Steel Review will continue to be a blog based purely around reviews with the occasional spot of creative writing chat thrown in, The Steel Kitchen is going to be my blog for everything else – non-review type projects, natter about everyday life, things that I think might be worthy of discussion but aren’t necessarily suited to this blog. It’ll be a bit of a random free for all, I like to think of it as my blog for the miscellaneous, or generic ‘other’.

2) I have a backlog of several reviews, somewhere in the region of ten at my last count(!), which I want to put up here and class as 2013 stuff as it all relates to material that I read/watched last year (still not used to writing that). I’m going to try and get that all sorted within a week, although that does seem vastly optimistic considering I’ve got rather a lot of coursework to hand in, so I’ll aim for a week but it’s got to be flexible. Once that’s all out the way, I’ll be posting my (drum roll please) 2013 Roll Call of Honour! It sounds terribly dramatic, but I’ll basically be looking back at everything I reviewed in 2013 to look for my favourites of the year. Trust me, it’s exciting!

3) Finally, the eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted that there’s been a bit of reorganisation in terms of the pages where I list the review links. The old page was getting a bit longwinded, so for ease of access I’ve split it across different pages dependant on categories. (The Book Vs Film links are at the bottom of both the Book and Film pages). I’ve also changed the About page from a long and waffley ramble to a shorter explanation, and added one of those Fifty Facts About Me things if anyone’s feeling nosey.

I’ll be returning soon, hopefully armed with a flurry of reviews. But in the meantime, if you’re looking for something to do, may I suggest popping over to The Steel Kitchen for a quick peek and maybe a little lighthearted discussion. Be sure to have a cup of tea handy.


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