Because I can’t make decisions…

It’s time to call on some help. I want to embark on a series of books, but I have a lot of trilogies and series at my disposal and I just don’t know where to begin! Some of them I’ve read before, some of them I haven’t. So I thought I’d turn it into a poll, and ask which of these series you’d like me to review. Obviously I want to get around to reading them all so they should all appear on here at some point, but due to my increasingly ridiculous book-buying nature it’s probably going to take me several years to get through everything. It’s worth pointing out that I’ll try and do a book vs. film slot for any that have been adapted. Any that are marked incomplete are still waiting for the next installment to be published. So, over to you guys – which of these gets your vote?

You have until next Sunday to vote.


One thought on “Because I can’t make decisions…

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