My Name’s Sara, and I Have a Book Buying Problem…

Cripes, let’s all just take a moment to panic about how it’s July already, and somewhere along the line we’ve all just lost half a year of our lives. Or is that just me? Anyway, there’s (shamefully) still absolutely loads of stuff to come, I know I keep saying that but I’ve been away a lot lately, and I’m about to go away for another couple of days later on today, but once I return I’ll hopefully be able to get a bit more up to date. I’ve been having a bit of a rethink as well, and so may now review some things that I originally said I wouldn’t do, and I won’t be posting some things that I said I would. I’m quite a fickle person, apparently.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this, my super exciting book delivery. (Needless to say, my TBR jar is now at risk of overflowing). I picked up the latest Bridget Jones in Sainsbury’s, but everything else came from The Works for super cheaps. Like, really ridiculously cheap. I think the Toni Morrisons were £4.99 or similar for a set of 3, and everything else was either £1.99 each or 6 for £10. The whole lot cost me just over £30 with free postage, which I thought was pretty good going for 18 books. (It actually turned out to be 17 books and one surprise audio book, Faulks on Fiction, which I’ve forgotten to include in the picture because it’s going to reside in my car).


If you haven’t had a look at The Works yet, I suggest you take a peek because some of the bargains are pretty amazing, and there’s an enormous selection of titles available.


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