July TBR

It’s a tad late, but these are the books I plan on finishing in July (fingers crossed).


I’ve nearly finished Philomena and haven’t started Black Beauty yet, but the rest I’ve barely made a dent in even though I’ve technically had The Stranger’s Child and A Game of Thrones on the go for weeks. I’d really like to try and wrap these up this month, and if I can try and get into a position where I’m only reading one book at a time, or at best one fiction and one non-fiction. This is quite unlikely to happen though, I’m always too impatient to start new books.

I’ve also got a cunning plan to enable me to catch up on my ‘Read 50 Books in a Year’ challenge. I’m actually not as far behind as I thought I was, although I’m very behind on the reviews. Basically, the cunning plan is to read lots of short books in as short a time frame as possible. I’m setting myself some mini challenges for this, and the first one is going to be Roald Dahl week. I began it yesterday (Saturday) and it’ll last until Friday, and my aim is to read as many of these beauties in a week as I can. I know they’re childrens’ books, but I’ve read a few quite heavy novels lately and I fancy something a bit lighter and completely wonderful.


I’ll follow Roald Dahl week with Muriel Spark week, beginning next weekend, because I picked up all these lovelies not too long ago, and they all look completely enticing as well as being fairly short. It’ll be the same deal, I’ll try to read as many of them as I can in a week.


This is also partly influenced by the fact that I’ve been trawling ‘Booktube’ a lot lately where people regularly seem to be able to read upwards of ten books a month, which was making me feel rather indequate but also just amazed that they have the time to achieve this. These challenges are to try and up my reading levels this month, but they’re all books that I’m dying to read anyway so it’s a winner all round. I’ll let you know at the end of the month how successful it was (while I’m frantically trying to knock out reviews to keep up with my reading pace).


2 thoughts on “July TBR

    • Yeah, it’s making me pretty angry too. I’m delaying finishing it though because I think I know what’s going to happen, and if I’m right it means I’ll cry a lot. I’m so nearly there, but it’s making me anxious!

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