Miranda Hart’s ‘My, What I Call, Live Show’

Miranda Poster

I love Miranda Hart. I know she’s not to everybody’s taste, but for me she hits every nail on the head. I find her doubly funny because on top of being generally hilarious, she also reminds me SO strongly of someone I know – from her mannerisms to the sound of her voice, she reminds me so much of this person that it’s as if I’m watching them falling off of chairs instead, and that’s just pure comic gold for me.

I went to see Miranda doing the ‘My, What I Call, Live Show’ way back in April (I’m extremely late with this, I know). I went with my sister, and we were both so excited, as is probably evident from this picture.


We knew from the outset that it was going to be good, as we were treated to a mash-up of ‘90s party tunes while waiting for the O2 to fill up. It was great, we were by no means the only people boogying in our seats. I’m assuming that the track listing was chosen by Miranda herself, because who else would throw The Bare Necessities and Strictly Come Dancing theme alongside the likes of Spice Girls and S Club 7? It was like reliving every school disco I’ve ever been to. Obviously everyone likes to bust some moves to Reach (apart from my sister, who claimed not to know the dance. She must have been living under a rock!), but when we heard an announcement stating that the show was to be filmed for the DVD, it suddenly became a competition of who could make the biggest movements and be able to spot their waving arms on the film later.

Miranda was naturally on top form. In-keeping with the party atmosphere, she had a table of buffet nibbles (packets of crisps and the like) which she was occasionally throwing into the audience, and she got us all joining in with a variety of party games. There was even a karaoke session in the interval, to prepare for her second big entrance. There were a few awkward, cringey moments when she tried to do a spot of matchmaking and sent two strangers from the audience on a ‘date’ during the interval, after which they reported back with many cheesy photos and a scarily enthusiastic response (well, from the woman at least). In terms of the comedy material, there were jokes and the odd sketch-type thing which I recognised, either from the sitcom Miranda or from previous interviews and the like. That doesn’t mean I didn’t find it funny though, I was still laughing throughout but I must admit a couple of the jokes (like the boob clap) were a tad overdone.

I think the funniest parts of the whole night were Miranda’s interactions with the audience though. At one point she pretended to flirt with a guy sat near the front, only to discover he was twelve years old and born in 2002. (“2002?! But that’s only just happened!”) She also enforced a rule very strictly (which I wholeheartedly approved of), that anyone who was sitting in the actual arena section rather than the stands had to gallop their way out if they left to go to the loo. There was a particularly pleasing moment when a grumpy man was finally persuaded to gallop after getting halfway down the aisle and thinking he was safe from harassment, I’m pretty sure it brought a smile to everyone’s face.

All in all, my sister and I had a lovely night out (even if we did have to frantically run for the last train home afterwards because the tube station had been shut to ‘clear the traffic’). It’s always entertaining to watch Miranda, even if you’ve heard the jokes before, because her mannerisms and the way she tells them is so comical in itself. It was good fun, but I also felt like I could join in rather than just sitting and watching. The audience had a chance to participate in the show, and I imagine that a large proportion of them will be buying the DVD for that reason. I left with a big smile on my face, which is really all you can ask from a comedian.


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