Happy Birthday to The Steel Review!

Cake 2

Last week marked The Steel Review’s second birthday! Unfortunately a combination of factors both fun and not so fun, but altogether time consuming (holidays, sickness, job hunting, busy social weekends, writing, and what I like to call ‘germinating ideas’ but really counts as ‘excessive daydreaming’) means that I am nowhere near as up to date as I would like to be. I do really enjoy writing reviews though so I will hopefully get back in the swing of things soon, but I’m going to stop saying when exactly that will be because it always seems to backfire. In the meantime, if there is anything you’d like to see more or less of, or if you have any thoughts in general about the (somewhat haphazard) way this blog is run, please do let me know. I really do appreciate all the follows, likes, comments and general loveliness that I’ve encountered over the past two years, but I’d also love to hear your feedback (even if it’s bad!).

As it currently stands, over the past two years I’ve reviewed 47 books (including 15 from the BBC Big Read Top 200 Best Loved Books), 40 films (including 9 from IMDB’s Top 250 Highest Rated Movies), 8 live music events, and a handful of other bits and pieces along the way. Feel free to check them out while you’re waiting for new reviews, but bear in mind I have improved with time and the earlier stuff is likely to be a bit pants. Handily, I’ve dated all the reviews under the Books/Films/Music tabs, so you can always avoid the early embarrassments.

Until next time,

Sara x


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