Harry Potter Marathon

Ladies and gentleman, The Steel Review is very soon to be back in business! I turned 25 very recently, which is a bit of a sore subject, and while I had the loveliest and most surprise-filled birthday which I was absolutely thrilled with, I was less enamoured with the ageing process which always seems to accompany birthdays. Now I have a week off work, and I have decided to spend that week rebelling against my new age, and reclaiming my childhood with a Harry Potter Marathon. Quite simply, I’m going to read all the books and watch all the films. One week, seven books, eight films. I’m currently on day two of the marathon, and it’s bloody marvellous! So far I’ve read the first two books and watched the first film, and I’ll be watching the second one just as soon as I’ve posted this and made a cup of tea.

I’m not just content with reliving my childhood though, I also want to reminisce about it in a gushing and over-enthusiastic fashion, and so if all goes to plan I will be posting Book Vs. Film reviews of the entire series around the end of this week. I’ve already written the first review, which was extremely long and rather fangirly, so with any luck this series will be sufficiently long to tide us all over until I’ve bashed out the rest of my review backlog. I also highly encourage everyone else to take a week off work to reclaim their childhood, because it’s very good fun and beats being bored to death by admin. Check back at the end of the week for fangirly updates.


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