A side note about films…

As it’s been nearly two years since I uploaded IMDB’s (then) Top 250 Films, which I’ve been trying to work my way through as part of My Culture Mission, I thought it was high time I updated it to allow for lots of new, brilliant film-watching. You can see the updated version here; it’s accurate as of today’s date. I’ve added in the links to any films on the list which I’ve already reviewed, and any which used to be on the list but have now failed to make the cut are listed in alphabetical order at the bottom.

I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I’ve been pretty lax at posting reviews lately. I had a number of film reviews lined up that I just haven’t got around to, including The Artist, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Last Chance Harvey, Up in the Air, Gosford Park, Now You See Me, Philomena, The Butler, Wild Hogs, The Imitation Game, Miss Potter, The Hours, Paddington, Brave, Stardust, Enchanted, What Women Want, How to Train Your Dragon, and Kung Fu Panda 2. It’s quite a mix, and there are some which I really thought were brilliant, but the reviews clearly haven’t happened. At the moment, and similar to my book review situation, I’m not quite sure whether to review all of them in full, some of them in full, all of them in mini versions, or simply skip all of these reviews completely. That would be a shame as I have all my notes ready, but it’s now a pretty long time since I’ve seen some of the films. Anyway, I’m dithering about it (shock!), so they may or may not appear at some point in the future (but if there are any in particular that you’d like to hear me ramble about, please let me know).

Because of the lack of reviews, and again just like the book situation, I’ve decided not to do a Roll Call of Honour this year because it doesn’t seem quite fair, but I’m fairly sure that the outright winner would have been The Imitation Game. Whereas I couldn’t think of a novel I’d read in 2014 which really stood out for me, I thought The Imitation Game was completely wonderful and stood head and shoulders above all the other films mentioned (some of which, I have to say, were pretty disappointing).

Ramble aside, My Culture Mission is an ongoing project which I’ll aim to continue this year. I don’t have any specific goals in mind just yet, although I’ve never seen any Star Wars films so maybe this will be the year to give them a go. Maybe I’ll try and work my way through IMDB’s Top 10 this year, or perhaps I’ll carry on in a random order. Who knows! One thing’s for sure though, I’m really not so good at watching older/black and white films, so there’s a fair few films on the list which may be a struggle, and even more that I’ve never even heard of. 2015 may well be the year I gain a proper film education!


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