Happy Birthday to The Steel Review!

WordPress has kindly informed me that today marks the third anniversary of my first post here on The Steel Review. Crikers! It’s handy that they told me, as the date had completely crept up without me realising at all. I can’t believe we’re in September already!

I thought I’d mark this momentous day (ha!) with a few figures, all of which make me very happy. So, to date I’ve published 154 posts (155 including this one) which have been read in 129 different countries/territories. 129! That’s completely bonkers, but I’m absolutely thrilled that my wee words have made it so far across the globe, it’s a very exciting thought. Of those 154 posts, 51 are book reviews, 37 are film reviews, and 14 are book vs. film reviews. 22 of the books featured appear on the BBC’s Top 200 Best Loved Books list, and 10 of the films currently appear or have previously appeared on IMDB’s Top 250 Films. I’ve also written 7 album reviews, and 8 reviews of gigs and festivals. (All links are in the tabs above).

So, what’s to come? Well, the short answer is an awful lot! I’ve had a lot of technical issues lately, and my laptop has finally bitten the dust. I’ve been getting by with a tablet, but I didn’t fancy using it to write whole reviews as I’m useless with touch screens and it’s a bit of a faff. (I’m writing this on the tablet actually, and it’s been a struggle to get this far. Apologies if I’ve missed typing goofs, or if it all ends up looking a bit weird). I’ve been handwriting reviews in preparation though, so now that my shiny new laptop has finally arrived I can get around to typing them up and posting some rambles. I keep saying how I’d like to write about more music-related stuff too, but I want to focus on getting everything else up to date first. Hopefully there’ll be a lot of content coming your way very soon!

Huge thanks to everyone who’s been reading, liking and commenting so far, and extra big hugs and kisses to those who’ve stuck with me from the very beginning, despite my increasingly sporadic updates. To those who are new here, welcome! I hope you like what you see, please don’t be shy and feel free to comment on any of the reviews, or on anything really. It’d be really great to get a proper dialogue going, rather than me just spewing words at you. As I said, I really do appreciate any and all views, likes and comments. I know posting has been a little lax of late, but I’m not planning on stopping any time soon. Maybe one day I’ll even get a regular posting schedule sorted, although that’s perhaps a tad optimistic at the mo! I’ve got loads of stuff lined up though, so be sure to hang around.

Cheers, dears!

Sara x


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