Happy New Year!

Let’s just pretend that 2016 didn’t happen and begin again with a clean slate, shall we? Good.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a new page in the header menu, called Classics Club. I’ve decided to join the challenge of trying to read 50 classics in 5 years, and on that page you’ll find more information about The Classics Club, the challenge, and the list of books I’ve chosen.

I didn’t really achieve any of my reading goals for 2016 (apart from generally just reading more), mainly because I spent the vast majority of the year reading a whole ton of library books and getting excited by shiny new releases. I’m still reading a whole ton of library books, although trying to tone it down to a more manageable level, but I shall carry over 2016’s resolutions regardless, because there are a lot of books and authors on the list which I’d really like to get to soon. You can read all of the reading goals on the 2016 New Year’s post here.

Last year I read 88 books/graphic novels/poetry collections/’things’. I’m really pleased that I managed to read so much, and I’ve once again set a Goodreads challenge of reading 50 books, but at the same time I recognise that this is a completely arbitrary number. When I say that I want to read more, I’m not necessarily talking in terms of quantity. What I really mean is that I want to actively dedicate more of my time to reading books, not that I want to ratchet up the numbers and read loads of books purely for the sake of reading loads of books. Similarly, despite signing up to The Classics Club, I don’t want to read any of the books because I feel that I have to read them, or that I should be reading them. I’ve chosen that selection because they’re all books which I own (bar a couple of Charlotte Brontë’s), and are therefore books which I know for a fact that I want to read – otherwise I wouldn’t have acquired them in the first place. Reading should not be a pressured activity. In fact, I think it’s the pressure of having to read certain books in school which puts some people off of reading for life. It should always be a fun activity, which is why I’m going to focus on reading books which I really fancy and which I’m in the mood for at that particular time. Yes, I do want to read my classics, but I also fancy reading a lot of epic fantasy and children’s books. I’m not going to place any choice over what I fancy out of a feeling of obligation. The more I enjoy reading a book, the more I enjoy writing about it, and I’m not going to sacrifice my enjoyment for the sake of ticking boxes.

In terms of the reviews themselves, I’d like to set a schedule and say I’ll post every Sunday, but again I’m going with the reading flow so that might not always work out. I may post regularly on Sundays, I may not. Similarly, if possible I’d like to average out with one Book vs. Film post a month, but again it may not happen. I’m going to keep 2017 free of restrictions and obligations, and above all I’m going to stop making promises that I can’t keep!

Let me know if you’ve made any reading resolutions for 2017, I wish you all a happy and fulfilled reading year!

Sara x


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