Yes, as promised, The Steel Review is back, on its fifth birthday! So, what can you expect this time around? For a start, there’ll be a schedule. I’ll be posting every Sunday, beginning tomorrow. This is going to take a lot more organisation than I’ve been capable of so far, but I think I’m up to the challenge – I’ve got a spreadsheet and everything! I’ll be posting book reviews and book vs. film reviews as before, but I’ll be also be posting book related discussions and tags if I don’t have a book to update you about. Plus I’ll be running themed weeks, where I’ll be uploading reviews of books linked by a certain theme every day over the course of a week. The theme could be seasonal or linked to a specific event, or it could be a shared genre or author. If you have any ideas about themes which you’d like to see featured, please leave them in the comments.

The posts featured here will continue to be book related. I still quite like the idea of writing more film and album or gig reviews in the future, so I’ve created two separate blogs to host those – The Steel Film Review and The Steel Rock Review. (Imaginative, no?) There will not be a schedule for these blogs, the posting is likely to be fairly sporadic but I’ll include a monthly wrap up across all three blogs which will contain links to every post from all of them, in case you fancy checking any of them out. It didn’t feel like the right place to include these kinds of reviews here, especially when it comes to music reviews because I know my taste isn’t exactly ‘mainstream’ and most people who are staying for the book reviews may have no interest in the eighties albums I’m enjoying. Any film/music reviews which have previously been posted here on The Steel Review will stay here, at least for the time being. I don’t have any plans to remove these posts, but I will provide links to them from the new, dedicated film/music blogs. Book Vs. Film reviews will be posted both here and on The Steel Film Review. The film half of my ‘Culture Mission’ will also be continued over on The Steel Film Review. I’ve already posted an updated IMDB Top 250 Movies list there, and the current list residing here will no longer be added to. I may also include themed weeks on the film and music blogs every now and then, but they’re very much an offshoot to this blog and will always be second in priority.

I think that’s about all the updates I have to hit you with right now. Let me know if there are any other types of posts you’d like to see (either for The Steel Review, The Steel Film Review or The Steel Rock Review) in the comments below. Also please let me know of any books/films/albums etc. you’d particularly like me to review. It feels like quite a lot to be taking on three blogs, but I’m excited to see what ground we can cover! I shall be back tomorrow with a new review for my weekly post. Until then, happy reading!